Podcast: Not Another Teen Movie

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE!?!?!?!   PlotCulture tackles the teen movie satire – Not Another Teen Movie. Between Chris Evans Banana Split and the epic Prom musical number, can the girls name all the film references?

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Podcast: Barbarella – QUEEN OF THE GALAXY!!!

Barbarella – Queen of the Galaxy Plot Culture delves into the seedy underbelly of old softcore sci-fi cult classic Barbarella. Does it hold up to the test of time… or feminism? Scifi spaceships never looked so…..furry?  

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Podcast: The Naked Gun!

PLOTCULTURE REVIEWS THE NAKED GUN! If you like spoofs, slapstick, and Leslie Nielsen, …well you’ve probably already seen this movie. But you haven’t heard our opinion on it and that’s clearly what is missing in your life. If you haven’t seen the film, check out the podcast, we talk about the basics so you know what to expect. I also made you this lovely poster, please tweet/pin/book/whatever and share it with everyone you know! Safe Sex Saves Lives! In other news… I should ¬†apologize for…

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Calamity Jane

Podcast: Calamity Jane

PlotCulture reviews the classic Doris Day musical “Calamity Jane.”¬† Saddle up Cowboys and get ready for a rolicking rip roaring adventure into the Old West….of 1950s Hollywood Musicals anyway. A story based very very loosely (READ: Not at all) on the life of real frontier woman Calamity Jane. (It only shares her name. She’s a badass lady that you should read about. Go read about her. She’s awesome. This movie has nothing to do with her) The film follows Calamity Jane as she attempts to…

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