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Cinderella: Back to Basics

I’ll be honest here; I did not have high expectations going into Cinderella (2015). After seeing bomb (Alice in Wonderland) after bomb (Oz, the Great and Powerful) after bomb (Maleficent) in theatres, I was ready to give up on the live action branch of Walt Disney Pictures. Every movie was the same: shoddy and cartoonish CG, an insulting spinoff of a well-known and well-loved work, and cringe-worthy writing. But this post isn’t about those sad, half-baked movies; this is about Cinderella and how Disney may…

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Galavant: Left us wanting more than it should

As the final episode of Galavant (season 1?) wound down for the close, we looked at each other and burst into a “WHAT?” and “That can’t be it! What happens next?” For the uninitiated, Galavant is a fantastical musical extravaganza set in the fictional world of knights, princesses, and evil kings. As you can probably guess, fourth wall breaks and anachronisms abound in the style of Mel Brooks and The Princess Bride. Our hero, Galavant, has laid himself low after his one true love decides to marry…

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