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Podcast – Netflix Original Series: Richie Rich

Generally speaking, Netflix Originals are things to be savored, cooed over, and adored. And then you get Netflix Original “Richie Rich” Reboot.

Richie Rich, as a series, is the atomic wasteland of Netflix original programming, and not in a fun Dystopia kind of way.

Thistle wrote a full write-up on the series after we recorded, which is available HERE for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for listening! We hope you hear us again soon!


Lord of the Rings – Movie vs Book Timeline

I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films. Huge fan. Like Stupid huge. The final Hobbit Movie, Battle of the Five Armies, makes me cry like a faucet. I am sharing this information for two reasons… one because its cool nerdyness, and two because I put it on the official LOTR wikia and I’m proud. Anyway, onto the real point of this: I was thinking about Thranduil’s line at the end of the Battle of the Five Armies about Legolas…

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Magic Mike XXL

Consent, Sex-Work, & Magic Mike

I’ve been told that I’m outrageously honest when I say that I didn’t watch Magic Mike for the plot. But really, who did? With Magic Mike XXL coming out, I thought I’d revisit my feelings towards these movies and the crossover between consent, sex work, and my enjoyment of sexually explicit media. Trigger Warning : Sex Trafficking, Consent Issues,

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Hollywood Whitewashing – The fight for Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson has been cast as Motoko Kusanagi in the live film adaption of the Japanese anime classic Ghost in the Shell.  In response, a petition has been launched, signed by over 24,000 people as of this posting, accusing DreamWorks of whitewashing and calling for a recast of her role. So Plotters, Opinions? Is Hollywood Whitewashing Asian Roles? We here at PlotCulture say the answer is a resounding YES. First off, I like Scarlett, but I feel like she’s becoming Hollywood’s go-to for female action…

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Emma Watson and the Beast

Emma Watson has already married a Beast in a movie.  If you consider Ron Weasley’s eating habits beastly….  My ‘thing’ for Emma Watson has been long-lived and rather obsessive and I am very Very VERY excited that she is going to be crowned an official Disney Princess! I grew to love her in Harry Potter, and she earned my undying fervent love as the UN Women GoodWill Ambassador. On a more serious note; I am interested to see what the ‘interpretation’ of Beauty and the…

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