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Podcast: 007 SPECTRE Predictions and Bond Talk- No Spoilers!

We here at PlotCulture have a deep and abiding love of all things Bond.

In fact, we started the podcast as a way to talk about James Bond. We are major Bond (fan)Girls.

So in this episode of PlotCulture, recorded BEFORE seeing the new James Bond film SPECTRE, we share our predictions and our thoughts about what the new movie will hold.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Bond canon – Where does Spectre fit into the overall Bond canon?
  • SPECTRE – The Super Villain Justice League Or Just a bunch of weirdos?
  • Daniel Craig’s Breaking Bond – How does Craig’s Bond differ from other Bonds?
  • Our least favorite Bond Movie – Which one is it??
  • James Bond’s sexuality!! Thistle puts forth her argument that Bond is omnisexual.
  • Fanfic Ships – We discuss 007Q (Thistle thinks its predictable post Skyfall), and our favorite ships (Tracy/Bond 5EVER)
  • GLOBAL IMPACT!! – All Bond movies are reflections of the fears of their time – what do we think SPECTRE will reflect?
  • American Pessimism – Have our Glory Days really passed us by? Are we in Decline? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR 007!!?!?!?

As you can see, this episode is jammy-dodger packed with interesting content, informed predictions, and as always, PlotCulture banter.

If you are new to the Bond Fandom, this is a great place to help you understand the background on SPECTRE,

Podcast: PlotCulture Interviews Amber Benson

Interview with a Vampire Slayer’s Best Friend’s Girlfriend’s Actress, Who is now an awesome Writer/Director/Actress/Person in the Alive Box.


PlotCulture interviews Amber Benson, the Director/Writer/Actress best known for her role of Tara McClay in the cult hit tv-show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
We discuss her newest book series and contemplate the question of Who REALLY killed Tara McClay.
Recorded at BayCon2015

We are so thankful to Amber, to BayCon, to Lawrence our Sound man, and to Karl for giving us the opportunity. This was far and away one of the coolest things we’ve done so far and we are so excited to include interviews in our podcast format.


Grassy Knoll

In the interview we discuss my Grassy Knoll theory – a theory that wil soon be its own whole post, but for this interview, please refer to the image below to understand what we are talking about.

Grassy Knoll Theory
PlotCulture’s The Grassy Knoll Theory for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

Lots of Love.

Lord of the Rings – Movie vs Book Timeline

I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films. Huge fan. Like Stupid huge. The final Hobbit Movie, Battle of the Five Armies, makes me cry like a faucet. I am sharing this information for two reasons… one because its cool nerdyness, and two because I put it on the official LOTR wikia and I’m proud. Anyway, onto the real point of this: I was thinking about Thranduil’s line at the end of the Battle of the Five Armies about Legolas…

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Hollywood Whitewashing – The fight for Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson has been cast as Motoko Kusanagi in the live film adaption of the Japanese anime classic Ghost in the Shell.  In response, a petition has been launched, signed by over 24,000 people as of this posting, accusing DreamWorks of whitewashing and calling for a recast of her role. So Plotters, Opinions? Is Hollywood Whitewashing Asian Roles? We here at PlotCulture say the answer is a resounding YES. First off, I like Scarlett, but I feel like she’s becoming Hollywood’s go-to for female action…

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