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Podcast: Barbarella – QUEEN OF THE GALAXY!!!

Barbarella – Queen of the Galaxy

Plot Culture delves into the seedy underbelly of old softcore sci-fi cult classic Barbarella. Does it hold up to the test of time… or feminism?

Scifi spaceships never looked so…..furry?


Calamity Jane

Podcast: Calamity Jane

PlotCulture reviews the classic Doris Day musical “Calamity Jane.” Podcast

Saddle up Cowboys and get ready for a rolicking rip roaring adventure into the Old West….of 1950s Hollywood Musicals anyway.

A story based very very loosely (READ: Not at all) on the life of real frontier woman Calamity Jane. (It only shares her name. She’s a badass lady that you should read about. Go read about her. She’s awesome. This movie has nothing to do with her)

The film follows Calamity Jane as she attempts to win a bet and the man of her dreams, while fighting off racist stereotypes of Native Americans and setting up her lesbian love shack with Katie Brown. Oh there’s also her best friend, and this dude she thinks she loves, but that’s really not important.


Calamity Jane Woman's TouchThese are actual lyrics from a song these two sing to each other. Calamity Jane/Katie Brown. Make it a thing people, make it a thing.

HEAR us talk about Lesbians! Gender Roles! And the impact of World War II on Women’s roles in film and media!!

Calamity Jane Meets Fuckboys

SEE the film and make up your own opinion! Then share* it with us!!!

*(respectfully please)

Calamity Jane Wedding

TASTE nothing because that would be creepy. Seriously. Keep your tongue in your face and away from us.


Calamity Jane Bae Problems

Thistle likes this movie because Thistle likes obscure fandom femslash pairings. Thistle has created a bunch of images for ya’ll to share about the internet like the plague. Please Enjoy.

 The movie covers very important things, like relationships:


Moving in Together

Calamity Jane Moves in

How to Domesticate with Baedecor

Getting ready for Parties

Calamity Jane UGH

Keeping your head up when Parties don’t go the way you planned

Calamity Jane Cinderella Looking Fly


And the most important lesson from Calamity Jane:

How to give NO FUCKS

Calamity Jane Gives No Fucks

Lord of the Rings – Movie vs Book Timeline

I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films. Huge fan. Like Stupid huge. The final Hobbit Movie, Battle of the Five Armies, makes me cry like a faucet. I am sharing this information for two reasons… one because its cool nerdyness, and two because I put it on the official LOTR wikia and I’m proud. Anyway, onto the real point of this: I was thinking about Thranduil’s line at the end of the Battle of the Five Armies about Legolas…

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Magic Mike XXL

Consent, Sex-Work, & Magic Mike

I’ve been told that I’m outrageously honest when I say that I didn’t watch Magic Mike for the plot. But really, who did? With Magic Mike XXL coming out, I thought I’d revisit my feelings towards these movies and the crossover between consent, sex work, and my enjoyment of sexually explicit media. Trigger Warning : Sex Trafficking, Consent Issues,

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