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PlotCulture Podcast

#DWTS20 – Cast Overview Podcast!


Normally Plot Culture reviews old films. But twice a year we put all of our movie bingeing on hold and…. watch Dancing with the Stars like fanatics.

To kickstart our Podcast, and because it is the 20TH #DWTS SEASON, we are debuting with a series based around the new seasons of Dancing with the Stars!

 But this isn’t just any #DWTS20 podcast, this is PLOT CULTURE’S DANCING WITH THE STARS PODCAST!!!

Each episode will feature our thoughts and predictions based on the most recent episode, we will review the dances, discuss the drama, and PERFECT OUR PODCASTING TECHNIQUE, *cough* I mean, ENTERTAIN THE MASSES!!!

  • If you are a long-term fan of DWTS, come enthuse with us!
  • If you are a new fan, WE WILL SHOW YOU THE BEAUTY OF PASO DOBLE!!
  • If you have never watched the show but are considering watching now? WE WILL GUIDE YOU TO GLORY!!!!*
  • If you have never watched the show and are confused as to why you should donate half an hour of your life to us? WE ARE VERY ENTERTAINING, and I say that in the most humble-brag way possible.
  • If you are my long-suffering parents, who also never watch the show and are more excited about my day job in social media, BE SUPPORTIVE AND LISTEN ANYWAY!!!


Our first episode is a GREAT place to start for new fans, or as a refresher for old fans. We go over the cast lineup for this season, discuss the pairings with special focus on the professional dancers and their talents and possible limitations, as well as give our predictions for their success.


*Glory is not guaranteed
**Benefits not guaranteed

Hollywood Whitewashing – The fight for Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson has been cast as Motoko Kusanagi in the live film adaption of the Japanese anime classic Ghost in the Shell.  In response, a petition has been launched, signed by over 24,000 people as of this posting, accusing DreamWorks of whitewashing and calling for a recast of her role. So Plotters, Opinions? Is Hollywood Whitewashing Asian Roles? We here at PlotCulture say the answer is a resounding YES. First off, I like Scarlett, but I feel like she’s becoming Hollywood’s go-to for female action…

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Emma Watson and the Beast

Emma Watson has already married a Beast in a movie.  If you consider Ron Weasley’s eating habits beastly….  My ‘thing’ for Emma Watson has been long-lived and rather obsessive and I am very Very VERY excited that she is going to be crowned an official Disney Princess! I grew to love her in Harry Potter, and she earned my undying fervent love as the UN Women GoodWill Ambassador. On a more serious note; I am interested to see what the ‘interpretation’ of Beauty and the…

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Bella and the Bulldogs

Bella and the Bulldogs

Attention fans of feminism and kids media!!!! Nickelodeon is debuted a new series called….. Bella and the Bulldogs!! I realize that as the Plot Culture authority on all things kids media, this may not interest everyone but…. I am so excited!!! Bella and the Bulldogs is a series about a cheerleader who joins the football team at school as the new Quarterback. Not only is this a story that has been happening in real life in America ( Such as the lovely Mary Kate Smith…

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