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Podcast: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Are you ready to get #PitchSlapped?Pitch-Perfect-quotes-3

PlotCulture is coming at you live (at the time of recording anyway) from Thistle’s Car!! We just saw Pitch Perfect 2 and we have THOUGHTS!

So cuddle up and have a listen to our Pitch Perfect 2 Podcast!

Coming in at 30Minutes, its perfect for a long relaxing bath, a drive to work, a lazy Sunday spent staring into the existential angst of your wall…. basically its awesome and you should use your ears to absorb it!

We talk plot, music, characters, actors! The whole Shebang!rs_499x269-150508135926-635620729938086797257271204_anigif_fa53e92a46e157698f9f8077c582c7a2-3

PlotCulture Podcast

#DWTS20 – Cast Overview Podcast!


Normally Plot Culture reviews old films. But twice a year we put all of our movie bingeing on hold and…. watch Dancing with the Stars like fanatics.

To kickstart our Podcast, and because it is the 20TH #DWTS SEASON, we are debuting with a series based around the new seasons of Dancing with the Stars!

 But this isn’t just any #DWTS20 podcast, this is PLOT CULTURE’S DANCING WITH THE STARS PODCAST!!!

Each episode will feature our thoughts and predictions based on the most recent episode, we will review the dances, discuss the drama, and PERFECT OUR PODCASTING TECHNIQUE, *cough* I mean, ENTERTAIN THE MASSES!!!

  • If you are a long-term fan of DWTS, come enthuse with us!
  • If you are a new fan, WE WILL SHOW YOU THE BEAUTY OF PASO DOBLE!!
  • If you have never watched the show but are considering watching now? WE WILL GUIDE YOU TO GLORY!!!!*
  • If you have never watched the show and are confused as to why you should donate half an hour of your life to us? WE ARE VERY ENTERTAINING, and I say that in the most humble-brag way possible.
  • If you are my long-suffering parents, who also never watch the show and are more excited about my day job in social media, BE SUPPORTIVE AND LISTEN ANYWAY!!!


Our first episode is a GREAT place to start for new fans, or as a refresher for old fans. We go over the cast lineup for this season, discuss the pairings with special focus on the professional dancers and their talents and possible limitations, as well as give our predictions for their success.


*Glory is not guaranteed
**Benefits not guaranteed