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Podcast: The Naked Gun!


If you like spoofs, slapstick, and Leslie Nielsen, …well you’ve probably already seen this movie. But you haven’t heard our opinion on it and that’s clearly what is missing in your life.

If you haven’t seen the film, check out the podcast, we talk about the basics so you know what to expect.

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In other news…

I should  apologize for taking so long to get back into the groove of updating regularly. We have at least 14 episodes recorded that need uploaded, but….I mean there were things I was doing….Judging you

Right. I can tell you are not impressed by that. Your slow stirring reeks of judgement. I just needed some space, I mean it’s not you its me…..



Do not adjust your TVDo Not Adjust your Television, Nothing is Wrong. Regular updates will be returning post-haste.

We thank you for your ears. Particularly your listening ears.




Mortal Kombat

Podcast: Mortal Kombat + Drinking Game!


Today we are reviewing the 1995 film Mortal Kombat, based on the video games of the same name. This film is epic(ly bad)! With Puppets! and Fight Scenes! and Human Corpse Candle Holders! (ew…)

We at Plot Culture think this movie would make a most epic party movie and have devised a Drinking Game for such events. Here is a Printable Drinking Game Cheat Sheet! If you take the challenge, please let us know! Send us pictures! Especially if you are pretty and single. Heeeeyyyyy….

Mortal Kombat Drinking Game

Please Drink Responsibly. And don’t give people tea if they don’t want tea.

Film Summary

The film starts with Liu Kang being called back to take part in the FIGHT FOR HUMANITY!! Oh my. He is joined by Sonya and Johnny Cage, as well as a whole bunch of other random people and Thistle’s favorite character: the random black guy who only has a handful of lines and then dies horribly in Mortal Kombat but was cool and should have had a better role.

They are guided in their journey by the eternal thunder god Raiden, a white dude with smoker’s lung, and together they all end up in another dimension/place by taking a nightmare boat. For some reason Raiden likes them and swishes about not doing much but looking intimidating. In the weird dimension/place they meet Kitana, a hot ninja princess who seems to have the ability to mentally project a phrase of words into your head, provided she has said that exact phrase to you five minutes before hand. Its a weird power. They fight a bunch of lackeys in Mortal Kombat, including a creepy puppet that kills the cool black dude. Sonya gets creeped on but its never really explained and Johnny Cage pulls a roadrunner to save the day. Sonya and Shang Tsung have a makeover party and then Shang is kicked by Liu Kang. A lot. An awful lot of kicking. Mortal Kombat Kicking!

Anway. Thats the summary, check out the podcast!

Podcast : Avengers Grimm

We watched the new Studio Asylum film – AVENGERS GRIMM! A strange and twisted mash up of fairy tale and action flock that culminates in the Bizarre.
Hold onto your Hairnets, its going to get weird.

“When Rumpelstiltskin destroys the Magic Mirror and escapes to the modern world, the four princesses of “Once Upon a Time”-Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel-are sucked through the portal too. Well-trained and endowed with magical powers, the four women must fight Rumpelstiltskin and his army of thralls before he enslaves everyone on Earth.” – The Asylum via IMDB


Hollywood Whitewashing – The fight for Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson has been cast as Motoko Kusanagi in the live film adaption of the Japanese anime classic Ghost in the Shell.  In response, a petition has been launched, signed by over 24,000 people as of this posting, accusing DreamWorks of whitewashing and calling for a recast of her role. So Plotters, Opinions? Is Hollywood Whitewashing Asian Roles? We here at PlotCulture say the answer is a resounding YES. First off, I like Scarlett, but I feel like she’s becoming Hollywood’s go-to for female action…

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