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Cinderella: Back to Basics

I’ll be honest here; I did not have high expectations going into Cinderella (2015). After seeing bomb (Alice in Wonderland) after bomb (Oz, the Great and Powerful) after bomb (Maleficent) in theatres, I was ready to give up on the live action branch of Walt Disney Pictures. Every movie was the same: shoddy and cartoonish CG, an insulting spinoff of a well-known and well-loved work, and cringe-worthy writing. But this post isn’t about those sad, half-baked movies; this is about Cinderella and how Disney may…

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Emma Watson and the Beast

Emma Watson has already married a Beast in a movie.  If you consider Ron Weasley’s eating habits beastly….  My ‘thing’ for Emma Watson has been long-lived and rather obsessive and I am very Very VERY excited that she is going to be crowned an official Disney Princess! I grew to love her in Harry Potter, and she earned my undying fervent love as the UN Women GoodWill Ambassador. On a more serious note; I am interested to see what the ‘interpretation’ of Beauty and the…

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